About Us

About the Society

Founded in 1977 to fight for conservation and good planning in Bourne, The Bourne Civic Society runs many other activities including lectures, tours & visits. We take a great interest in our Town past, present & future.

We are a totally independent and non-political body. We actively monitor planning and development in Bourne and where we feel it is appropriate or necessary we raise awareness of issues. We have given evidence at a number of Public Inquiries and continue to take a firm line on many important planning matters.

Our Mission

Bourne has been growing for some time and is planned to experience rapid growth into the future. It is our aim to make sure that new developments are of the highest possible quality and that developers are made aware of the issues surrounding their schemes. Good design is only possible through a full understanding of any scheme’s environmental and urban context. We seek to safeguard our existing heritage and the many listed buildings from demolition or neglect (as was the case with Baldock’s Mill).


We conduct walks in and around historic Bourne based on a guide produced by the Society. We also run a very full programme of Members’ meetings with guest speakers. We arrange a series of visits to other Civic Societies and places of interest. Members receive a lively and informative bimonthly Newsletter.

Bourne’s Baldock’s Mill

The Society manages a heritage centre and museum at Baldock’s Mill that features three major displays: the Raymond May’s exhibition, the Charles Worth Gallery and a gallery of Bourne’s history and heritage. The Mill has a shop selling a range of gifts and publications, pamphlets and maps relating to Bourne and the specialist displays.